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    Small business owners usually don’t value the digital platforms as much as they should. We know that 63% of American users search on Google, 68% of internet users in America use Facebook and 35% of users in the United States access Instagram. This means that no matter what your business is, your target audience is ...
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    The use of Mobile phones is drastically increasing, around 68.4% people in USA use smartphones and in coming years, the number is estimated to grow more than 230 million. This means mobile presence is on the rise. Here comes an important question whether to choose a mobile app that users can download or mobile website. It ...
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    Owning a business is stressful and many things can go wrong. However, you can take one worry from your list by working with an IT consultant that can provide insight into the operations and security of your business. Having a tech expert makes it easy to avoid threats to security and keep your business operating ...
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    The TV is often the center piece of the living room, so how you display it is highly important to how the aesthetic of your room comes together. There are some important factors to consider when shopping for a display for your television set so that your home impresses visitors and loved ones. Size It’s ...
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    Your 20s haircut style would not probably suit you in your 40s or later. Are women supposed to cut their hair shorter every time they cut a birthday cake? Does something like age-appropriate haircut exist? Demi Moore, Bo Derek, and Ali McGraw would not agree on this as they all still wear long hair falling ...
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    A lot of business owners have the wrong idea of what a search engine optimization is. The truth is, SEO isn’t complicated at all. It’s an important part of a marketing strategy that many businesses use. Read on to find out what it is, and what San Francisco SEO services your business needs. What is SEO?The term ...
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