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    In the corporate sector a status application refers to programs which display object-oriented status updates across a broad spectrum of multimedia devices. At first this status page might be a bit difficult to picture, think of a status bar for your video games characters. Imagine an excel spread sheet with an advanced graphical user interface and an ...
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    Many teachers and parents have come to love the benefits of what online portfolios can bring to the student. But for the layperson, they may not be aware of what exactly a portfolio consists of. Basically, here is a breakdown of what the average portfolio will consist of. A solid portfolio will include collections of ...
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    The Voice of the costumer is a technique commonly used in business to receive and analyze customer feedback on preferences, expectations, experiences and aversions. The goal is to retain customers more consistently and obtain word of mouth marketing which is vital to a business. As well as increase the customers satisfaction when buying from or ...
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      When you ask someone who has a lot of experience and success in the business about the most important aspect of business, his answer is not going to be the product. The most important aspect of business is the customer. While a lot of business owners may believe otherwise, it does turn out to ...
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      Hacker attacks take place nearly every hour in America, and cybercriminals’ methods are becoming ever more sophisticated, and attack areas larger. But many companies and organizations still underestimate the threat situation, because hacking is about to get much worse. In 2018, patient records were breached – 15 million; in 2017, 5.6 million, and in ...
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    In the current world, the primary challenge that is affecting businesses is the lack of ways to properly utilize technology for communication purposes. Despite the presence of effective communication, it is good to ensure that you are utilizing the correct communication channels. If you fail to ensure that there is effective communication within the organization, ...
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